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Prehabilitation supports you to prepare well, both physically and emotionally, before your treatment or surgery.  By taking some simple, early steps to adopt healthy behaviours, you can improve both your ability to cope with your treatment and enhance your recovery.

Prehabilitation Online Course - Video Links

Introduction to Prehabilitation - Getting Ready for Treatment or Surgery

This digital course covers the main components of prehabilitation which are physical activity, nutrition and emotional wellbeing. A series of corresponding worksheets are available below which are strongly recommended to be completed after each session, as this will help you to get the most out of the programme.

Session 1

Physical Activity and Relaxation Practice. There are six sessions which don't need to be viewed in a particular order however, it is suggested watching Session 4 after completing Session 1, as both focus on physical activity.

Session 2

Eating for Wellness

Session 3

Stress Management and Mindfulness Techniques

Session 4

Exercising at the Right Level and Tai Chi for Wellbeing

Session 5

Mood and Food, Myth Busting and Further Relaxation Practice

Session 6

Improving Sleep

Patient Feedback

Click the link to hear some feedback from a patient who took part in course