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Food and Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet and eating nutritious food is really important, especially if you have or have had cancer. Cancer treatment can affect your appetite, your taste or leave you finding it hard to swallow or digest food. Have a look at some of the information we found on eating well with cancer.

Video Resources...

Food and cancer Q & A – ask an expert

In this video from Macmillan Cancer Support, dietitian and nutritionist, Jane Clarke answers some of the most common questions around dietary requirements and cancer.

Worried about losing weight? (Podcast)

Specialist Dietitian Suzi Coughlan reads this podcast from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, which covers what to do if you are struggling to eat or have poor appetite following cancer treatment.

Let’s move forward with your eating (Podcast)

In this podcast from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Specialist Dietitian Suzi Coughlan talks about what steps you can take with your diet to reduce the risk of cancer returning.

Cancer Care Map

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