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Late Effects of Treatment

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have side effects that sometimes last for a long time after treatment has finished. You may find some of the following information helpful.

Video Resources...

Late effects of pelvic radiotherapy

This video from Macmillan Cancer Support looks at possible after effects and late effects of radiotherapy treatment to the pelvis and how to cope with them if they occur.

What is “chemo brain” (cancer related cognitive impairment)?

“Chemo brain” is a term that refers to a common side effect of chemotherapy which includes trouble concentrating, memory issues or feeling like your brain is a bit “foggy”. In this video from Lymphoma Action, Adam talks about his experiences and Dr Linder explains what chemo brain is and how to manage the symptoms.

Having radiotherapy - Ally’s story

Sometimes, it’s helpful to hear from people who have gone through the same treatment. Ally underwent radiotherapy following a diagnosis of prostate cancer and you can hear his story here.

Cancer Care Map

To find other services or support on this topic, visit Cancer Care Map and enter your postcode to find what is available near you.

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